Shorten the 165 Throttle Cable

** This article has pictures from the 165 but the principal can be used on all GT4s **

Why do I want to shorten my throttle cable?

The stock cable snakes around the engine and generally gets in the way. The outer sleeving had also cracked and split above the turbo due to heat and age, so rather than buy I new one I thought I could modify it to stay in service for a few more years...

Are there any downsides to shortening the cable?

Yes, it will probably be less reliable, but this depends on how carefully you conduct this modification. Touch wood this has been okay for 1000 miles.

Are there any "bits" to buy?

Only 1, and I obtained it from ref W81601 "solderless nipple" at the extortionate price of 97p.

How did you shorten the throttle cable?

The job took ~1 hour...

Unclip the throttle cable from the throttle body and lay this out straight so you can get at the cable, and cut off the securing nipple on the end of the cable
Next arrange the cable in the position you would like this to take in the engine bay, and mark where the end of the black outer sleeve is going to finish up against the throttle body cable housing

Using a hacksaw very carefully cut through the outer black sleeve to reveal the inner plastic liner

Cut through the inner plastic liner with a sharp blade and pull off the black sleeve and plastic liner. Note that the inner liner can freely move so make sure there is plenty left inside the remaining black sleeve. Note that the cable has not been cut
The removed section of cable has to separated from the throttle body cable housing. Simply pull and twist to release this from the crimped section
I then drilled out the cable housing to, I think 6.8mm, to allow the cable housing to accommodate the black sleeving. Ensure that the sleeving is a tight fit within the housing and push this firmly home
Lay the cable in position and refit the cable housing, and carefully gauge where the end of the cable needs to finish in order to fit the new 0.25" diameter solderless nipple into the throttle opening assembly. Tighten the nipple down firmly and remove all excess wire so that the wire is flush with barrel of the nipple. The photo shows this in its uncut state. Note that there is some adjustment on the cable housing to allow for any slack...just don't cut it too short!
The finished shorter throttle cable

Any questions or comments then please feel free to e-mail me

Other jobs to do at the same time?

This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I shortened the throttle cable If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this modification, consult a qualified mechanic. Always consult the manufacturer's manual. Alterations away from the manufacturers specifications are not recommended.