SHOPS GT4 specialists, supply pretty much everything Turbo modification / hybrids / rebuilds Hypersports - various parts - tailor made pillar gauge holders (185 & 205) - very good! Make 52mm AND 60mm pods. Also do down pipes...(not particularly good imho - click here for pictures) GT4 turbo specialists. Most people go for the MD117 or MD228 spec turbo... Turbo specialists / Dastek / Rolling Road Various tuning goodies - bg, exhaust heat wrap, Samco hoses etc KYB - make the stock shocks as well as uprated units Tuning specialists / Dastek / Rolling Road Dump Valves and fitting kits - helpful people Try these people for your boost gauge? General wiring, connectors, fuses - battery cable. Get a free catalogue! Maplins - supply all sorts of bits LEDs, resistors, 100A circuit breakers RS - supply allsorts Jap specialist parts suppliers Japanese based parts supplier. Apparently a reliable supplier...but watch out for customs/import charges Blueprint - manufacture replacement car parts Tuning parts supplier, offers a discount to GT4OC members. Can supply TRD replica side skirts for the 205 and lowers suspension arms Various goodies Lambda sensors are cheap here... Various things, including a Knock sensor monitor Various goodies... Try these people for CV boots that can be fitted without the need for dismantling the whole drive shaft! These US guys have developed a 165/185 big brake conversion Try these guys for dials, sills and grilles MR2 parts specialists These guys specialise in cars with the 3SGTE engine