165 Engine Management

Before you go any further please read the notes

ECU Price Benefit Drawback Notes
  • Already installed
  • Reliable
  • No expense
  • Only programmed with fuel/ignition maps up to a certain level. 165/185 ~12psi, CS/RC ~17psi, 205 ~17psi
  • Need an aftermarket ECU to safely get the most from the engine
  • Still got the AFM, 165/185
  • Ok providing you don't go mad i.e. beyond ~17psi on a 48mm CT26/CT20B
Superchips Website ?
  • More power - increased fuel cut level
  • A tuner won't be necessary, you'll be able to do it yourself
  • A supplier will be easy to find
  • Only removes the fuel cut
  • Does not provide fuel or ignition maps
  • Doesn't seem to do a great deal at all, apart from drain the money from your pocket...
  • Still got the AFM
  • There's not a lot of point having this if it only removes the fuel cut point! That's what an FCD is for...
  • I would never fit one of these
  • ECU add on
MoTeC M4 Picture £1000+
  • Does everything and a bit more
  • Can store at least 2 fuel/ignition maps, but additional Maps need to be changed via a laptop
  • The "daddy" of all ECUs that does it all very well
  • Can control other things as well e.g. WI and just about everything else!
  • Can ditch the AFM
  • Have options to replace engine loom, buy loom adaptor (~£150)or get the MoTeC fitted inside your existing ECU case (apparently)
  • Expensive to buy
  • You are going to need an expert tuner to set this beast up!
  • Probably not a home installation
  • Complete replacement ECU
  • Lots of money, time and effort needed to make this work properly. But when it's working properly it'll be right up there with the best
  • Expensive
Dastek Unichip
Brochure & Pics
Supplier & tuner
£650. Includes fitting, dyno and mapping
  • Cheap-ish
  • Seems to be a few tuners that can set this unit up and are familiar with it and a GT4 - bonus! e.g. Owen's and Noble's
  • Controls both fuel and ignition timings
  • Can control other things as well e.g. WI, fuel cut, extra injectors
  • Retains the knock sensor
  • Can switch between 2 separate  maps. Handy for high/higher boost settings!
  • Keeps AFM - damn! Unit unable to use a MAP sensor
  • Limited amount of adjustment on both the ignition and timing, therefore if you fitted larger injectors the Dastek may not have enough adjustment to compensate for them..
  • ECU add on
  • Very tempted with this one. A tried and tested route by other GT4 owners. Fairly cheap, easy to do but have to keep the AFM - bad!
  • Shame it can't ditch the AFM
GReddy emange Website
  • Controls both fuel and ignition timings if the add on ignition harness is purchased
  • I don't like the adjustments that are made via pots, I would much rather digital altering, digital altering doesn't change or get knocked or suffer from temperature variations
  • ECU add on
  • Probably wouldn't fit this
Autronic SMC
£1295 with all required sensors and Autotune option

~£350 fitting ~£350 to map
  • Can ditch the AFM
  • Can go for the Autotune option, negating the need for a dyno on fuel adjustments - save £ and will probably get a "better" map
  • Controls both fuel and ignition timings
  • Can control other things as well e.g. WI, fuel cut, extra injectors
  • On a same level as the MoTeC
  • Supplied with a base map
  • Need to buy additional sensors (all in the £1295 cost)
  • May need to modify existing sensors in order to get the car to run
  • Complete replacement ECU
  • ish, need to source the right sensors and parts, but sure that Autronic would help
  • Maybe if it was a little cheaper
Haltech E6K Website
~£810 delivered
from Aus depending upon what "extras" are ordered
  • Controls both fuel and ignition timings
  • Can ditch the AFM
  • Kit includes ECU, loom, 3 bar MAP sensor, boost solenoid, 4 wire lambda sensor, all other sensors and a base map  for the 165/185
  • 6 additional outputs to drive "other" bits and pieces e.g. WI, fuel cut, extra injectors. Number of outputs depends upon ECU configuration
  • Noble Motorsport have some experience with this ECU
  • Haltech have their own forum/website
  • Reputation / reliability / compatibility worries - these are gradually fading away (IMHO)
  • The response time for the UK dealer is abysmal...3 months and given up. Update - there are now 3 UK dealerships
  • This has now been superseded by the E6X ECU
  • Complete replacement ECU
  • On the plus side there is a Haltech help forum!
  • I think was used on the fastest 1/4 mile GT4...
Apexi Power FC
  • Pre loaded maps
  • Idle and start up maps already configured
  • Knock level warning level
  • Injector max duty cycle warning level
  • Apexi don't make a 165 or 185 Power FC
  • Unable to conduct "live" tuning
  • Complete replacement ECU
  • Can't fit this to a 165 or 185
Apexi S-AFC Website
  • Controls fuelling
  • Still got the AFM
  • No ignition timing control
  • ECU add on
  • Bit of a problem as need ignition and fuelling mapped, this only does the fuelling
DTA fast Website
£630 minimum. Depending upon tuner may need to buy interface cables etc etc
  • Controls both fuel and ignition timings
  • Can replace the AFM - use either a map sensor or TPS
  • UK based tuner
  • Apparently the software is one of the best available and easy to use from within Windows
  • This has been fitted to a UK 205, results unknown
  • Don't know how well this ECU will interface with the existing sensors. May need to do some serious fiddling and sensor buying...
  • Some more technical questions were unable to be answered
  • Requires 36 tooth crank wheel for timing pick up
  • Complete replacement ECU
  • A problem this one - I don't know and the supplier doesn't know if it will interface correctly with the 165 sensors etc. Tuning maybe a problem. Does any tuner have the interface equip, leads, software knowledge to set this thing up? Probably not. Too many unknowns. Worried about the amount of sensors that probably won't work, will need replacing and "sorry we don't know, you're on your own Jack" type stuff...

My choice...

The Haltech.


So far the questions I have asked from an Australian Haltech supplier have been very well and very swiftly answered. IMHO these guys know their stuff! Even down to thread sizes...impressive. You can contact the very knowledgeable Jeremy here


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