Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
8.5mm Magnecor Silicon leads
  • Stronger and more reliable spark under higher boost levels
  • Less misfires
  • Starts colour coding the engine bay...
  • Little too big for stock ignition wire supports
  • Watch out that the leads are correctly seated into the spark plug hole



Not required for power levels up to at least 300bhp

Very doubtful whether these are better than the stock ignition leads...

Colder plugs
What is a colder plug
  • Improved and reliable spark under higher boost levels
  • Less chance of detonation
  • Reliable spark
  • Less chance of destroying the spark plug and/or the engine!
  • Don't go too cold or the plug will foul, especially if driving in town at low speeds a lot


Stock is grade 5, ST185 grade 6, mine grade 7 no problems with standard gap - 0.8mm
Advance base ignition timing
How to set timing
  • Increase power


Don't go mad with the timing advance, especially when you are running larger boost pressures. Larger boost = smaller ignition advance