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Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Grooved disks
  • Less brake fade
  • Greater stopping power
  • Freshens up the disk/pad surface
  • Provides an exit path for the hot gases
  • "Humming" noise when braking hard


Tend to wear pads down more than a "solid" disk
Larger disks
  • Much better stopping power
  • Need to remove part of the brake disk backing plate in order to fit the larger disks


You'll need larger callipers to fit the larger disk into

Generally the bigger the disk the greater the stopping power

Uprated brake pads
  • Less brake fade
  • Greater stopping power
  • As the pads are harder, they will wear down the disks quicker, not that you would notice though


I've found these are more prone to squeaks and squeals

Depending upon pad, they may not work efficiently until they are up to temperature i.e. when they are cold the brakes will be very poor

Replace the stock brake lines with braided hoses
  • To reduce brake pedal travel
  • Decrease pedal "sponginess"
  • Brakes are firmer
  • Brake pipes can undo as there are no restrains to prevent them from twisting - unlike the stock pipes - picture

ish, get ones that have a calliper locating "tang"

If the pipe comes undone then you have no brakes - dangerous. I know of several people this has happened to...

No one offers a decent reliable well built kit yet...

Larger front callipers
  • Massive increase in braking
  • May unsettle the car during braking as the braking balance of the car is altered i.e. much more braking force at the front than before
  • Will not bolt straight on
  • Need at least 17" alloys, maybe larger dependant upon design


A bit of engineering ingenuity will be required to get larger callipers to fit