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Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Uprated Clutch
  • To cope with increased power levels
  • Clutch won't slip
  • Can have a little confidence when performing "spirited" starts!
  • Depending upon type of clutch it may be a bit too on/off! i.e. puck style clutch
  • Increased thrust bearing wear on crank due to greater clamping forces involved


Difficult job replacing the clutch, try Mr Clutch ~350

Ensure the clutch pedal will be a progressive action when you select a replacement

A new stock 205 clutch won't slip with "normal" driving at 300bhp/300lbft

Lightened flywheel
  • Improved engine response
  • Engine will rev more freely
  • Increased power as the engine has to rotate less mass
  • Fitting
  • More prone to stalling when pulling away when stationary
  • Have heard of some lightweight flywheels cracking...



Avoid machining a flywheel to lighten it...it may shatter during use!
Different internal gearbox  gearing
  • Better gearbox
  • Improved "feel"
  • Quicker gear changes
  • Shorter throw
  • Stronger
  • Nightmare to fit

ish, awkward

Quaife do a kit for the 205
ATF Gearbox
  • Less frictional losses
  • More power arrives at the wheels
  • Quicker/slicker gear change
  • Does not offer the same protection as a GL5 gear oil
  • Long term reliability may be an issue...

Yes in my opinion

Long term reliability may be a problem. Why not try another oil but with improved protection e.g. SMX-S ?
Uprate gear linkage bushes
Picture 1
Picture 2
  • Reduce gear stick movement
  • Quicker gear shifts
  • Feels a little more notchy


If you have a problem locating gears then these may help...