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Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Boost Gauge
How to fit a BG
  • To see what the turbo / management system is up to
  • Safeguard against engine damage
  • To modify the engine with an element of safety
  • To accurately set the boost pressure levels
  • Provide an accurate indication of boost pressure
  • Need to find somewhere to put the gauge and where to connect the pipe/sensor


One of the first items to install before any other modifications
Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • See the temperatures of the exhaust gases
  • Gives an indication on engine performance & tune
  • Gives an indication of when impending engine damage may result
  • About 150
  • Need to drill and tap a hole into one of the exhaust manifold runners


The turbo will need to come off in order to drill and tap into the exhaust manifold. Best place for the sensor is either No2 or No3 exhaust runner as these two run the hottest. Do not place in the downpipe as this is far too far away from the action! On the 205WRC the sensor can be located in one of the bolts in the exhaust manifold
Air inlet temperature
  • See the intake temperatures
  • Help to safeguard against engine damage
  • Monitor the efficiency of the turbo / IC / WI
  • Need to mount the sensor where it comes into direct contact with the intake air charge


May need to drill and tap the intake manifold in order to place the sensor directly in the airflow and get good accurate readings
Oil pressure
  • Monitor oil pressure
  • An indication of the oil pump performance, and also engine wear
  • Finding a place to mount the sensor


GReddy provide an adaptor plate that simply attaches to the oil filter housing. Comes complete with 2 sensor holes in the mounting plate. Fits fine on the 205, would probably be ok on the 165/185, but if a DP is fitted, this may be a problem

It is quite surprising to see how just a couple of hundred rpm will affect the pressure at idle...

Oil temperature
  • Monitor oil temperatures
  • Can see when the engine is up to full operating temperature
  • Can show dangerously high oil temperatures
  • Finding a place to mount the sensor


If the oil temperature gets too high then the oil may break down and get too thin.

If the oil breaks down then it's lubrication qualities suffer and it'll be an expensive repair job