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Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
High performance Silicon leads
  • Looks pretty
  • Probably won't fit as well as the stock leads



Don't bother, stock iginitionis good for ~600hp
Colder plugs
What is a colder plug
  • Improved and reliable spark under higher boost levels
  • Less chance of detonation
  • Reliable spark
  • Less chance of destroying the spark plug and/or the engine!
  • Don't go too cold or the plug will foul, especially if driving in town at low speeds a lot


Stock is grade 5, ST185 grade 6, mine grade 7 no problems with standard gap - 0.8mm
Advance base ignition timing
How to set timing
  • Increase power


Don't go mad with the timing advance, especially when you are running larger boost pressures. Larger boost = smaller ignition advance