Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Replace rubber bushes with PU bushes
How to... rear
Rear picture - 165 hub
  • Improve handling
  • Tighter control
  • Safer car
  • Stock bushes wear out
  • Difficult job
  • Need good tools


Allow 12 hours per rear side if you replace all of the bushes. Don't bother replacing the stock rear radius arm bushes, you won't notice any difference. Just replace the trailing arm bushes.

Other bushes to replace that make a difference are front and rear anti-roll bars, (2 bushes on each ARB)

Stiffer / shorter springs
  • Improved handling
  • Tighter control
  • Better looks
  • Do the bushes at the same time - you'll thank me!
  • I wouldn't go lower than 35mm as you may get contact with the front wheel arches
  • Do the shocks at the same time or you might get occasional arch /  wheel contact


You will need some specialist tools e.g. spring compressors

The superstrut front suspension requires specialist tools to remove/replace

Upgrade shocks
  • Stop the car wallowing around and bottoming out
  • Freshen up the ageing shocks
  • Much improved ride and handling
  • Coupled with springs the car will corner "flatter"
  • Sourcing superstrut shocks
  • Budget on 1000+ with springs


You might want to try Fensport or Tein

The Tein Superstreet would be my preferred choice and one I consider to be the best available - this is a coilover kit

The Tein kit can also accept EDFC - a gizmo fitted inside the car to adjust the damping rate of the shocks. Front and rear can be adjusted independently

The 205 front setup is a world apart from the 165/185, but the rears "look" very similar

Larger alloys
  • Stock alloys 16"
  • Larger alloys will reduce the profile of the tyres, thereby improving the handling
  • Specific alloy design may foul the callipers as they are large, try before you buy!


Having had both 18" and 17" on the car I prefer 17", I think the car handles better, but opinions differ!
Front upper strut brace
  • Stiffen up front of car
  • Handling improved
  • Steering more responsive
  • Fitting a better brace will improve the turn into a corner
  • Make sure it clears the intercooler and intake manifold


A 3 point brace would be the best to fit, such as the ones made by JSpeed and C-One

Cusco front upper Type OS Part No - 153 540A

Front lower strut brace
  • Stiffen up front of car
  • Handling improved
  • Steering more responsive
  • Fitting is a little awkward, the engine will have to be jacked up in order to fit the drivers side front of the brace


Cusco manufacture 2 lower braces, a single "strap" and a ladder style

Cusco Front lower Type OS Part No - tba - picture

JSpeed also make a lower brace

Having inspected the lower subframe I doubt this brace does anything at all! Save your money!

Rear strut brace
  • Stiffen up rear of car
  • Handling improved
  • Reduced space in boot


205 brace will fit a 185

A 3 point brace would be the best i.e. connect the 2 suspension turrets and the floor pan together

Cusco rear Type OS Part No - 153 541A, (note the plastic insert pieces will have to be removed if this brace is fitted)