165 Engine Block


All pictures are of the 165 engine, unless stated...

Cylinders 1 - 3 Cylinders 3 and 4. Note the knock sensor on the side of cylinder 3 From this view you can see the mark on each piston denoting the correct fitment Side view with sump removed
This view clearly shows the oil pump assembly, crank pulley and idler The oil pump assembly, as fitted to a 205 Oil filter etc Flywheel end
With the sump removed the strainer and oil pump pick can be inspected Bottom end view The mesh on the strainer stops larger foreign objects from entering the oil pump... Big end and main bearings
Another view of the bearing caps If you look closely you can see one of the oil squirters used to cool the underside of the pistons... The 205 also utilises oil squirters to aid in cooling the pistons The sump. Note the baffling. The 205 sump arrangement is vastly different
As you can see the 205 sump is a lot different. It comes in 2 parts, this is the main part... ...it accommodates the oil filter and pressure regulator. A design change is apparent here as the sump extends all the way over to and bolts to the gearbox casing, for increased rigidity 205 - under the sump is the baffling, which is bolted to the block With the main section of the sump in place the function of the baffling is easier to see


Thanks to Mark Chamberlain for the 165 block pictures!