185 Exhaust

All pictures are of the Mongoose exhaust and Aussie downpipe

185 engine bay. Intercooler removed... ...heat shielding removed... ...the side view clearly shows the lambda sensor and the cat With cat removed
Side view - note the twin wastegate exit setup The cat compared to the much lighter Aussie downpipe The Aussie fitted The first exhaust section bolts onto the cat...
...runs along and over a cross member - note the heat shielding runs back next to the propshaft... ...the rear box - note the CV joint in the propshaft This is the tricky bit, running the exhaust over the rear driveshaft etc
Access is awkward Some "help"! The exhaust has to travel through this small gap, without knocking! With the flex section removed you cat see the exit from the cat, and how close it runs to the sump
With exhaust removed Going from the front of the car we have, the flexi section... ...then the mid section... ...then the tail pipe
The fitted exhaust, note how tight access is and the flexi section The new exhaust running over the rear drive shaft Tucked nice and close to the rear bumper  


Thanks to David McManus for the pics!