165 Cylinder Head

Head with rocker box cover on The intake ports Inlet passage to the valves. Note all the horrible old oil deposits Exhaust ports
Close up of the exhaust ports Intake camshaft oil seal housing Camshaft oil seal housing removed The camshaft bearing cap
With cams removed Stock cams with pulleys Stock cam Stock cam
Stock cam Close up of the pulley Intake view of the head View of all the valves
Another view of the bottom of the head Valves Water passages View of the top of the valve
Shims and buckets Collets Oil seal and spring The removed inlet and exhaust vales, complete with springs
The valve seats... ...another view The width of the distance between the cylinders All valves etc removed
Another view of the head with the valves removed Side view of the head The 165 suffers from cracking, which seems to regularly occur in the same place...  


Thanks to Mark Chamberlain for the head pictures!