205 Cylinder Head

Head still attached to the block. Note the fuel rail is still in place A view looking up at an inlet port at an injector. Note the angle it is aimed at With the rocker cover removed Showing the cam belt end
Close up of the cam belt end. Note the square area on the camshaft which is used for turning the cams. Also note the cut out which is used to align the camshaft and sprocket The inlet cam is attached to the dizzy in this manner The cam and bucket contact area. Note the 205 is the only GT4 to be shim under bucket, which should allow for a safer higher revving engines An inlet port. Note the already present half decent knife edging
Exhaust port. Note the shape, which is different to other GT4s A view into the exhaust gas path. Note the presence of the curled up carbon deposits! On No.4 cylinder exhaust port there is a hole provided which is used in the EGR system Gasket on the underside of the cylinder head. The pic is fairly high quality, zoom in and see the fitment and the blocking of some of the waterways...
A close up of the shrouding of the waterways by the stock gasket Gasket removed, note the blocked waterways adjacent to No2 and 3 cylinders. I wonder if the correct coolant was used in this engine? A decent picture showing the raised portions of the cylinder head The head is a pent roof design
The protrusion into the cylinder by the spark plug Inlet valves Exhaust valves