165, 185 and 205 Intercoolers

165 vs 205 top 165 vs 205 bottom 165 vs 205IC entrance 165 vs 205 thickness
IC exit. Not shown too well but the 205 IC exit is MUCH larger 165 vs 205 IC exit comparison 205 IC outlet 165 IC outlet
165 IC pump Another picture of the 165 pump 165 stock IC radiator 165 Group A IC radiator. These have more fins per inch than the stock radiator
Replacement larger Metro turbo IC radiator for 165 165 compared to a 185 CS IC CS IC Complete CS IC setup
CS IC pipe work CS IC radiator Top of 205 IC Annotated view. Connections were taped over to prevent dirt ingress
Bottom view Complete 165 setup    


Thanks to Steve Gillies for the 165 and CS Intercooler comparison pictures

Thanks to Mark for the complete CS IC setup pictures