205 Suspension

Super strut suspension, (Front wheels) Close up of lower arm ball joints Side view of suspension, note the aptly named figure of 8 link The complete front suspension setup. Note the weird shape to the shock
Another picture showing the busy front suspension setup Rear suspension setup. Note this is fundamentally the same for the 165, 185 and 205 GT4s Another shot of the rear setup, clearly showing how the trailing arm and front and rear radius arms connect to the hub. This is very similar to the 165 and 185 setup Whiteline rear Anti-Roll bar next to the stock ARB. The Whiteline ARB is available as either uprated or adjustable. The adjustable has 3 settings, the centre one corresponds to the normal uprated ARB
Note the diameter difference, and the larger mounting brackets      


Thanks to Don Boyack for the Whiteline ARB pictures