165 Gearbox

Gearbox and transfer still attached to engine Transfer box. The rag is where the speedo drive is connected. This is mechanical on the 165 A view showing the 2 brackets securing the transfer to the engine block The top bracket, and the location of the knock sensor
Another view... The top bracket removed The cover over the output from the gearbox has to be removed... ...to gain access to the other transfer securing bracket
The half shaft can simply be pulled free from the gearbox - the same on all the GT4s. However, the 165 allows you to unbolt the CV joint and leave the shaft in the gearbox saving you the trouble of having to replace gearbox oils seals Some of the top securing bolts for the gearbox to the block Another view side on. Note what is sometimes called the "Sugar cube". These can wear leaving you with a sloppy gear change or even worse gears that won't engage. This is similar on the 205 but is a revised design A picture showing some of the parts enabling the clutch to operate - the slave cylinder and the flywheel. The flywheel can be clearly seen through the starter motor access
The clutch is hydraulic on all the GT4s. The slave cylinder pushes against the release fork thereby separating the friction plate from the flywheel This is the area the flywheel and clutch are sited. Note the release bearing which pushes against the flywheel cover plate to disengage the clutch The bearing simply slides off the gearbox input shaft. The release fork is simply clipped onto the pivot ball. The pivot ball is a cheap and easy to replace item if you are replacing your clutch...