165 Turbo

Stock CT26 and hybrid CT26 42mm / 48mm compressors i.e. stock vs hybrid Old turbo wastegate. Note the lump at the top and bottom... New turbo wastegate. Note the exhaust housing has been gas flowed
Top view Bottom view End view Stock turbo side view
Stock turbo compressor Stock compressor with cover removed Side view of compressor without cover Wastegate actuator
Actuator rod connection onto side of exhaust flange The actuator rod to wastegate connection held together with a small circlip... Exhaust flange Cracks in the exhaust to the wastegate. A common problem...
Exhaust gases path through the turbo and also through the wastegate Closed wastegate Open wastegate Common problem on the 165 turbo is for the wastegate seat to be cracked
Oil feed and gravity return from the turbo. Looking closely you can see the shaft bearing/bearing housing Oil feed and drain pipe Damaged stock CT26 turbo. Note the damage to the blades caused by a bearing failure Exploded illustration of a CT26 turbo