Blitz Access ECU

What is a Blitz Access ECU?

This is a complete replacement ECU, designed to simply replace the factory unit.

It looks something like this:

Blitz Access ECU Access ECU next to a stock 205 ECU The underneath of the 2 ECUs


What is the benefit by fitting one of these?

There is a healthy increase in torque across the rev range, which is shown by the graphs below, (note the separation of the toque curves). The AFR graph shows that this increase in torque is due in part, (probably all), to the leaning out of the fuelling.

Blue = Stock
Red = Blitz

Shows Stock vs Blitz Power
Power vs Boost pressure
Power vs AFR
Stock - 284hp / 276ftlb

Blitz - 311hp / 295ftlb

Stock - 1.05 bar

Blitz - 1.1 bar

Stock - >10:1 by 5500 rpm

Blitz - >10:1 by 6500 rpm

All figures are approximates

Standard turbo, injectors, intercooler. Apexi induction kit, Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust



1 An increase of approx 27hp and 19ftlb
2 Boost pressure pretty much the same
3 The AFR has been altered by the Blitz guys, which probably accounts for most, if not all of the power increase. Note the slightly lean condition in the Blitz map at approx 4k rpm.

The Blitz map still ends up very rich at the top of the rev range and is indicated at >10:1

Note how early in the rev range the stock ECU enriches the mixture to the point that is goes off the scale!

4 Part No 54120 is for the Rev 3 MR2 Turbo...




Thanks to hob for this article!