What is a Haltech?

They are a manufacturer of aftermarket ECUs.

Are they any good?

I fitted one not so long ago, and so far, so good, the ECU seems to have everything I require and more!

I'd say yes they are good, despite a couple of "hiccups" when they were first introduced...

Why fit an aftermarket ECU?

At some point the modifications that are done puts the car so far out of balance that it doesn't run very well. Why? Because the stock ECU only has a limited "scope" of control of the car i.e. the mods that you do may require much more fuel, but the stock ECU only has fuel control for a specific region.

There are numerous other reasons e.g. increased power output due to fine tuning, removal of "unwanted" ancillaries etc

Why did you fit one of these?

I looked at several ECUs and was either unimpressed by resellers knowledge, (and in some cases manufacturers knowledge), they didn't fit my requirements, needed specific controls/leads/software - so much so that tuning and basic setup needs to be carried out by a professional! There were a few other reasons as well...this list might help.

Other manufacturers want a considerable amount of your hard earned cash! £2000+! Not for me I'm afraid...the Haltech does pretty much exactly what most of these ECUs offer, sometimes more and at a lot less cost ~£800 delivered with no extra hidden costs involved i.e. you won't be getting the "sorry mate that sensor isn't compatible, you need to buy this...", or, "sorry mate you need the software and the special adaptor lead", not good.

Well, that's my findings and opinions, I hope to be proved wrong...

Why settle for the Haltech?

It can do the following:

Can control the following:

Note - some of the functions haven't been listed. Also, some of the functions may not be available dependant upon the configuration you choose.

If I fit a Haltech what parts did you remove?


Hmmmm, is it difficult?

ish. Depends on the level of understanding you have on the operation of an engine, what sensors do, how to setup the control of an engine.

The wiring is not too much of a problem, check the links section for suppliers, especially vehicle wiring products

I found that a bit of research and a methodical approach enabled me to install the system and start it first time - shock! (well, after I found a relay that had come loose during the install)

Any things to know beforehand?

You will loose the protection offered by the knock sensor i.e. if the engine detonates there will be nothing to pull back the ignition timing and save the day

Idling may be a problem without installing the Haltech idle speed controller, or wiring up the existing Toyota ISC. I've found that careful adjustment of the fuel/ignition maps can produce a consistent idle, even when cold

Cold starting may be a problem. The maps will need to be adjusted to give consistent cold starting and running. This is a problem as you really only get one chance at getting it right when starting from cold. Sorting the cold starting takes a bit of time...

The fuel and ignition maps need to be setup probably by a professional - £. There aren't many tuners in the UK familiar with the Haltech ECU.

How did you install it?

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