Engine Bay Layout

What are all these bits in my engine bay?

Click on the picture below for an overview of some bits in the engine bay


Simple overview of the engine bay. Note that the clutch and brake fluid reservoir and the brake booster are on the other side for a UK car Annotated engine bay Engine bay without the numbers getting in the way



1 Headlight motor retractor 16 Strut brace
2 Aircon liquid receiver with level sight glass 17 Aircon idle adjustment
3 Intercooler radiator support bracket 18 Inlet manifold/plenum chamber
4 Engine radiator 19 Throttle position sensor
5 Radiator overflow hose 20 EGR
6 Turbo compressor housing 21 Fuel pump relay
7 Turbo outlet 22 Intercooler fluid expansion tank
8 Turbo exhaust housing 23 Coil
9 Exhaust manifold 24 Turbo Pressure Sensor
10 Lambda sensor 25 Diagnostic connector
11 Alternator cooling snorkel 26 Idle up air supply
12 Radiator expansion tanks with pressure cap 27 PCV vent line
13 Windscreen washer bottle 28 AFM
14 Power steering fluid reservoir 29 Aircon pipe work
15 Suspension top mount    


The bit I'm looking for isn't here!

Why not try the pictures section and see if it is listed there?