Super Strut Suspension


Which GT4s are fitted with Super Strut?

Only the ST205 is fitted with Superstrut, (SS). All other GT4s are fitted with a more conventional McPherson Strut setup.


Are any other cars fitted with Super Strut?



Picture coming... Picture coming...
Levin SS Levin SS


How successful was this during the Rallying?

It appears that Toyota tried various ways to increase the strength and reduce the weight of the SS components, but eventually it appears to have been removed due to reliability issues.


What are the main components of the setup?


Lower arm No 1 or "Banana Arm" Picture coming...  
Lower arm No 2 or "Camber Control Arm" Picture coming...  
Figure of 8 Link Picture coming...

A split in the protective rubber boot on the figure of 8 is a sure sign it's life is going to be a short one!
Front Shock Absorber Picture coming... Note that the shock is a lot different to the more conventional McPherson strut type shock. There is nothing "odd" about the rear shocks on any of the GT4s, except they are sealed units...
Upper Ball Joint  The ball joint attaches the centre point of the shock to the top of the hub
Top Mount Picture coming... This secures the top of the shock to the car. Note that this unit does wear as there is a non-serviceable ball race bearing within the top mount


How does all this lot fit together?

Something like this. Note only the front suspension is shown. The rear setup is similar to any bog standard McPherson Strut

An annotated picture of all the components of the suspension. This is the front passenger side setup

Another view showing how the components fit together
A close up of the lower arms both attached to the lower plate

These 2 pictures who the movement in the arms and the plate when the steering is turned, note the angle of the plate which would ordinarily be bolted to the bottom of the hub, and the movement of the lower arms.


The lower arms both attach to the plate via a ball joint