Suspension Alignment


What's this page for?

Most garages manage to get themselves in a bit of a muddle when you ask them to sort out the suspension geometry. I've had problems when they want to set a 165 as a 185 and a 205 as a 185 etc. Here are the correct figures to setup a 165, 185 and 205.

When do I want to setup the car?

After you have been fiddling around with the suspension or mounted a kerb at a funny angle, or even after fitting some nice new expensive tyres.

How will I know if my suspension needs setting up?


165 alignment 185 alignment 205 alignment 165 Whiteline product catalogue giving their recommended alignment specifications


Who can do this for me?

A decent garage. Try Protyre, they seem to be okay. ~35 for a 4 wheel laser alignment.

Are there different kinds of setup?

Yes. You can have your:

Can you adjust the rear wheels?

Yes. There is an "oval" bolt that allows adjustment for toe in and toe out of the rear wheels. This is the ONLY adjustment possible for the rear, (with the stock suspension components).


Whole assembly Split apart The locking assembly, and why you have to unto the bolt and not the nut to remove it!

To adjust the rear toe in/out loosen the BOLT, and then turn the whole assembly using the NUT. You will not be able to undo this assembly by loosening the NUT!


Anything else?

Could my tyre wear be anything else? could be: