205 WRC Goodies list
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Water Injection IC Spray Bar Anti Lag Aerodynamics


2500 WRC cars were sold...

2100 were sold in Japan and 300 to Europe, 77 to Australia and the remainder to the rest of the world...

What extras were the WRC cars fitted with?



Water Injection - click here for an article

Click here for more water reservoir pictures

This was fitted but not activated on the car

The WI nozzle is mounted in the intake manifold

A different ECU is fitted and is labelled with "WI" against one of the ECU pins

Water injection reservoir

Picture coming...


Picture coming...


Different intake manifold, with:


Additional manifold connection point - half way down cylinder No.4 runner. This is blanked off, but can easily be drilled out, (used as part of WI system)


Water Injection nozzle - this has extra associated pipe work and VSV at the rear of the manifold. The nozzle is mounted underneath the throttle body in a similar way to the 165 and 185 cold start injector (CSI)



Intercooler spray bar

Note that this is connected up as part of the headlight washer system

3 nozzles are fitted within the metal bumper support bar



Picture coming... Anti lag Valve - this is disabled by default. A spot weld disables the valve - this is located on top of the valve face between the valve and housing cross member
Additional small heat insulation strip placed between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold to help insulate the IC from the exhaust and cylinder head heat. Click here for a few more pictures
Different exhaust manifold - anti lag pipe work. The pipes are fitted but they are inoperative

Different exhaust manifold heat shield - to allow for the anti lag pipe work on the exhaust manifold

This has a cut out and a lump in it when compared to the "normal" ST205

The pictures show the stock 205 heat shield and the WRC heat shield



Picture coming... High level rear wing - by the addition of spoiler raiser "blocks" to the standard 2 leg rear wing. Note that N '96 onwards 205s have a 3 legged rear spoiler

The spoiler raiser blocks are available as a genuine Toyota part

Picture coming... Additional Bonnet "winglet" - to allegedly stiffen the bonnet as it was prone to flexing at "high speeds". The value of the "high speed" is, as yet, unknown

This is fitted as standard to UK cars




Power Increased The power output of a WRC is the same as a normal ST205. Whilst the power output varies quite a lot from 205 to 205, the WRC version can be considered to have the same output as a "normal" 205
WRC cars have a thicker cylinder block Untrue. Again it appears to be pot luck as to whether a WRC has a thick block or a thin block. Click here for an article on thick vs thin cylinder blocks
WRC Front wings are aluminium Unfortunately not, however all 205 bonnets are aluminium


Yet to be proven...

Additional welding Very doubtful. The TTE cars definitely had additional welding, but I doubt the WRC road cars are any different to a stock ST205
Reduced weight Doubtful, but there maybe some truth in a reduction of soundproofing in the WRC cars